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About me

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I’m Peter, a Swede living in Melbourne since 2012. My wife and I left Sweden because, even though it’s an amazing country, the cold and the dark drove us nuts.

I shoot weddings that are less about tradition and more about what you two think is awesome. Which could be offering beer flights instead of champagne, rocking your tattoos with your wedding dress or just kicking off your shoes and slaying the dance floor!

I love creating videos that have an arty cinematic and documentary feel to them with lots of slow motion and great music. I’ll spend your wedding day documenting the day as it unfolds and focus on capturing candids rather than heaps of posed shots. It’s all about the connection between the two of you.

And I really believe that a song can make the difference between a video that’s great and one that’s average, so I spend a lot of time choosing songs that fit you two.

I’m an amateur musician, playing in a semi-unsuccessful band called Ghost of Now. I also do a bit of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which basically is adults dressing up in    karate pajamas and hugging for an hour. I like post-rock, my beard (it’s a point of pride!) and a good IPA.